1. jmskjrgator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs UT***

    If they do, we’ll eat up the clock and actually score. One thing for certain is all of CBN’s teams have successfully run the football. We have two GREAT running backs. And if we run the ball enough with success, the passing game could improve. We have the best running attack we have had in a...
  2. jmskjrgator

    Post Game USF Presser

    Maybe we’ve hit bottom and may bounce up a little. It won’t happen in Knoxville. Truth is CBN implemented his system, which is new to all but two players. We’re still in the learning stage. If we are executing better the last half of the year, we have a good coach. If not we have a $40 million...
  3. jmskjrgator

    Jumbo Biggest Con Artist Ever!

    There are a lot of con artist coaches. Who is the biggest? Jimbo Mullet Brian Kelly And more…..
  4. jmskjrgator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Kentucky***

    J I wish you a speedy recovery. You are respected and appreciated on this board. You furnish a lot of accurate information. I enjoy reading your posts.
  5. jmskjrgator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Utah***

    It’s hotter in Utah than it is here.
  6. jmskjrgator

    Utah Prediction Thread

    I am a lifetime gator fan but I won’t be surprised if we lose by double digits. They definitely are a good team. I hope I am wrong.
  7. jmskjrgator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Utah***

    This team isn’t a pushover. If we go into the game with that attitude we will have a big surprise. The more I research them the more I think they are a pretty good team.
  8. jmskjrgator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Utah***

    I hope you are right.
  9. jmskjrgator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Utah***

    From WFTV channel 9 Orlando.
  10. jmskjrgator

    Utah Prediction Thread

    OX One thing I will say about you is you know when a team is overrated. Again you are right, the Utes should not be in the top 25. When the season is over they won’t be. I think our defense will play better than expected. Gators 35 ut-ohs 16 (three field goals)
  11. jmskjrgator

    NIL discussion: Saban accuses A&M of buying every recruit; Jimbo RIPS Saban in response

    They are given a scholarship. If they are receiving large sums of money they should have to repay the cost of the scholarship.
  12. jmskjrgator

    Recruiting NSD 2022

    One thing we do know, CBN has been working his butt off. Mullet sat on his lazy butt the whole time he was here. CBN is building a solid foundation for the long term. He is very organized and backs it up with a huge effort. He reminds me of Charley Pell in a lot of ways. After Pell came the...
  13. jmskjrgator

    #3 Georgia vs. #1 Alabama

    I hate to but I’m going with UGA. They are very physical on both sides of the ball.
  14. jmskjrgator

    #3 Georgia vs. #1 Alabama

    The Mullet is a talking machine. A very lazy talking machine.
  15. jmskjrgator

    What's next for Mullen? Coming soon to ESPN

    He is lazy but not stupid. He left town with Millions $$$. He did us more harm than Muscrap & Mclame combined.
  16. jmskjrgator

    Recruiting Transfer Portal: Gators Land FOURTH 6'8" OL - Kiyaunta Goodwin

    Maybe Saban let him have the upset so A & M would keep him 5 or 6 more years. He’s the biggest scam artist in the coaching profession. He’s milking the wealthy oil folks for every drop. He’s worse than Urban. If you win a NC you automatically get another $100M. Urban will hit some poor school...
  17. jmskjrgator

    2022 State of the Board: A new era for UF

    Ox Thanks for a great post. I totally agree. I am happy with the new coach and am very excited about the future. I saw a video of Coach Napier somewhere that was during practice. In it you could see he had a good personal relationship with each player. It was obvious his players love him. I...
  18. jmskjrgator

    Mullen catfished recruits because he's lazy

    I worked a lot of people in my lifetime. An employer will stay away from a lazy person. Other employees hate lazy employees because they have to do their work for them. I trained my employees to ride a lazy employee so I wouldn’t have to fire him. They would get rid of him for me. I think...
  19. jmskjrgator

    Mullen catfished recruits because he's lazy

    I hope we haven’t given him the first $6M payment. As I said previously…You can’t cure laziness. It is borderline incurable.
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