1. gator1946

    Birthday Happy Birthday 78!

    So the earth went around the sun one more time. The older I get the more I don't understand what the big deal is.
  2. gator1946

    Anthony Richardson breaking records at NFL Combine

    How much would I be payed, and how carefully would I have to listen. Could I turn the volume way way down.
  3. gator1946

    Gator Basketball Gators blown out by UCF in first round of NIT

    I didn't know we went to the NIT. Why?
  4. gator1946

    Chatter Golf Sub-Forum

    When Jordon, who is also a favorite player of mine, was really hot; he was a hell of putter. I wondered if he could sustain it. There are two kinds of putters (think Billy Casper) those who go on an occasional hot streak and those that are consistently good. Correction there are at least three...
  5. gator1946

    The Jacksonville Jaguars Thread

    Use of the word motif on a sports board raises serious questions. :lol2:
  6. gator1946

    Chatter Golf Sub-Forum

    Same here. Best part of my game was my iron play and putting. Fricking drives, long (for back then) and all over the place.
  7. gator1946

    Chatter Golf Sub-Forum

    Totally off topic. When I was good (good is a relative term), I controlled my mid to short irons by choking down on the grip and keeping my tempo the same. I might not hit the damned thing straight but I'd be right on for distance. Of course there's a ton more going on, wind, green conditions...
  8. gator1946


    Woa CD. Sorry about that. You ought to come to Florida. There are no whimpy trees in Florida. I'll trade ya. I hate Florida, it's flat and what happened to winter.
  9. gator1946

    Gary Rossington Rip

    Last member of Lynyrd Skynyrd, a great band. I had the PE teacher the band was named after, Leonard Skinner. I want to thank him now for making PE as miserable as possible. Apparently when not teaching PE he was a decent guy.
  10. gator1946

    BHG upgrades

    My time is valuable. :dance:
  11. gator1946

    BHG upgrades

    I'm old. I don't care what the stadium looks like. Just reduce the capacity and the traffic and find a freaking way to avoid walking one hundred miles to the stadium. I go so seldom (read can't watch a crummy team in person) that when I think I've figured out how to beat the system, they've...
  12. gator1946

    Super Bowl LVII: Chiefs vs. Eagles

    Watched most of the game. Fairly decent tilt. Some really close calls by the refs. I haven't watched halftime in years and I didn't watch it this year. All they had to do was keep showing me that silhouette of Rhianna which looked like Medusa, and I knew I would continue to miss Super Bowl...
  13. gator1946

    Brady announces he’s “retiring for good”

    Sounds selfish and she is NOT attractive. (That's putting it nicely). I don't get it.
  14. gator1946

    Undisputed G.O.A.T. Thread

    NBA GOAT (Most fun to watch) Tie. Jordon, Bird.
  15. gator1946

    The Jacksonville Jaguars Thread

    Start your own damned thread Bucko's. This thread is about Duuuuuuval.
  16. gator1946

    The Jacksonville Jaguars Thread

    How in the hell?????????????????????????
  17. gator1946

    Florida Football dysfunction

    I no longer ask why. Wake me up when we are remotely competitive. Or if I've already left the planet leave an orange and blue wreath.
  18. gator1946

    Recruiting Jaden Rashada granted release from NLI; joins powerhouse Arizona State

    I don't know if any of this is true. And at this point I don't care. The whole thing has sucked the life out of my love for college ball. Screw it. I will say this. Get off the kid's back. If I was offered 14m for 4 years or something in that vicinity, I'd take it in a heartbeat. Then once I had...
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