1. MJMGator

    Birthday Happy 60th Birthday, Uncle Rob!

    Hope it’s your best yet!
  2. MJMGator

    Wednesday Worsts….music genre

    I’m wondering if they crossed streams.
  3. MJMGator

    Tuesday Favorites.... GCMB Avatar

  4. MJMGator

    Gator Baseball 2023 Gator Baseball Thread- SEC CHAMPS

    The difference is the declaration. “I’m going pro”. Baseball doesn’t do that and they’ve obviously written rules in alignment with MLB and the NCAA to benefit both. MLB has a massive farm system to develop players and the NCAA is viewed as just another pool of developing players. The NBA has...
  5. MJMGator

    Recruiting Napier on portal vs HS recruiting

    I’m fine with the strategy of building relationships and focusing mostly on recruiting but I think he’s making a mistake in his approach to the portal. Like it or not, it’s the way of the world and you have to adapt accordingly. If he thinks he’s got 5 years to turn this around, he’ll be an...
  6. MJMGator

    Recruiting Napier on portal vs HS recruiting

    So, what you’re saying is Saban cleaned up the program. Who else laid down the law with law enforcement?
  7. MJMGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday gingerlover!

  8. MJMGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday Marine1!

    Happy birthday!
  9. MJMGator

    Tuesday Favorites…National Barbecue Day

    Woodpecker’s meats are fantastic but their sides are terrible. I live about a mile from there and we just buy their tri tip, smoked turkey or sausage but make our own sides.
  10. MJMGator

    What’s in the crate?

    @NavetG8r ‘s new bride?
  11. MJMGator

    Recruiting Transfer Portal: RB Jakobi Jackson transfers to UF

    To be fair, he was in 3rd grade in 2008.
  12. MJMGator

    Happy Mother’s Day!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all of our moms on the board. You truly do most of the work when it comes to raising the kids. Hope it’s a great day!
  13. MJMGator

    Seedy and CD's little girl is getting hitched, hit 'em with your best wedding tips

    @soflagator is gonna lose his sh*t over those pleated khakis. Not to mention…
  14. MJMGator

    Jaguar games may be played at BHG

    My fear is the Dwags will want to keep it home and home. Most of their fan base has been clamoring about it being unfair for a long time.
  15. MJMGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday jdh5484!

    Hope it’s awesome buddy!
  16. MJMGator

    Birthday Happy Birthday GBHOR!

    Happy birthday!
  17. MJMGator

    TuesdayFavorites….What commercial takes you back to your childhood?

    I remember seeing his place as a kid. Pretty sure it was off Blanding on the way to Middleburg from Jax. ”Woodpecker Paradise” as I recall.
  18. MJMGator

    The Jacksonville Jaguars Thread

    I don’t see them being able to pull it off. Like you said, logistical nightmare.
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