1. Sec14Gator

    Recruiting 2024 Transfer Portal Thread: Mertz returns for senior season

    In fairness to her decision, he already had a foot out the door.
  2. Sec14Gator

    Corey Raymond and Sean Spencer Fired

    10 pages is too much to catch up on, but this timing suggests these two were pissed to be surpassed by a 29 year old and/ or there is a rift/personality conflict, not just performance based. Otherwise, this occurs, as Ox observed, after ESD.
  3. Sec14Gator

    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs FSU

    Losers find a way to lose. Other than 2X (Utah giving us the game by not running in his very first game and the sole true comeback I can think of against a bad SC this year), this staff loses consistently finds a way to lose. I think we all knew/felt it after the botched trick play. And we...
  4. Sec14Gator

    Recruiting 2024 Recruiting Thread: 4* Top 100 DT Nasir Johnson flips to Georgia

    This has such a 2013 feel, including my state of apathy with the program. This had been the only thing I've checked on here for several weeks. Just no hope or positivity in the program, yet we are almost certain to keep the coach knowing we are blowing a year or more digging a bigger hole...
  5. Sec14Gator

    Gator Basketball Basketball Offseason Thread: 7'7" Olivier Rioux, "World's Tallest Teenager", commits to Florida

    That is insane if accurate. I know what he looked like, but damn. I'm going to workout and grab a salad right now. (not true, but thought about it)
  6. Sec14Gator

    Truth Takes: Arkansas Review 2023

    First, Cover, glad you are feeling well enough to be giving thoughtful posts. You also don't seem too drugged up - sorry about that part. To this point you made, perhaps more than correcting the middling offense, these ineptitudes is where the OC vs CEO issue becomes most highlighted. While...
  7. Sec14Gator

    Truth Takes: Arkansas Review 2023

    Regarding the press conference ending, after fielding questions about his prior gaffes and our collective frustrations most of the time, he got a question about LSU's offense and Daniels. After giving a somewhat substantive answer he concluded by saying "Appreciate the question about LSU."
  8. Sec14Gator

    Truth Takes: Arkansas Review 2023

    I don't think I've agreed with a Truth Takes as much as this one ever. From the tone, the lack of surprise at the loss, the lack of surprise or outrage at the same errors we've now seen consistently repeated, the underlying emotion or lack thereof - all of it seemed on point. I'm now waiting...
  9. Sec14Gator

    Make Gator Football great again!

    Fired or not, he’s upped my ambivalence substantially. I did not care that we lost to a 2-6 Arkansas because it was so unsurprising and lacked any real import anymore on the season. For the first time in years I had no desire, pre or post game, to click on the game thread. I just don’t care...
  10. Sec14Gator

    Make Gator Football great again!

    This is right, but if only because SS is tied to Billy from the moment he hired him. He can't fire a second hire of his and keep his own job. Especially one that was not an obvious home run hire. So, he personally has to hold on to Billy, even if the school would benefit from moving on. It's...
  11. Sec14Gator

    Recruiting 2024 Recruiting Thread: 4* Top 100 DT Nasir Johnson flips to Georgia

    No idea if he makes it, but I do love a kid who bets on a bigger opportunity for himself. Kahleil belongs even if not a star. Better than some scholarship guys. Like this PWO trend. Self belief drives a great amount of accomplishment.
  12. Sec14Gator

    2023 NCAA Pick 'Em Thread: Congrats Sec14Gator and PaulDrake!

    Ox loves the PAC 12 this year. You'd think Arizona and Oregon were joining the SEC.
  13. Sec14Gator

    Truth Takes: Florida-Georgia Review 2023

    And a decent amount of those are Mertz not stepping into pocket aggressively or drifting into the DE rush where the tackle has done an OK job.
  14. Sec14Gator

    Truth Takes: Florida-Georgia Review 2023

    Nice write up and addition from Cover (good luck next week). I'm headed in this direction and suspect less engaged fans did a while ago:
  15. Sec14Gator

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs UGA***

    Mertz is not Driskel level infuriating, but he can’t make throws that are there to win games and his pocket presence costs us about 2 sacks a game, sometimes more. With all the discussion about what would happen with switched rosters, that ga team loses at least twice with Mertz at QB. Our...
  16. Sec14Gator

    F V C K uga

    https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/7321cfd6-c1cd-48b1-886a-54b42d371815 https://memes.getyarn.io/yarn-clip/04575ac6-df68-4f06-acfe-5eb426007990
  17. Sec14Gator

    Recruiting 2025 Recruiting Thread- 4* RB Waltez Clark commits after Tennessee game

    Waltez had a nice game today. 2-3 TDs. Lots of broken tackles. Hurdled a guy and looked like a dominant player. Hasn’t had as many of these games this season, but they also have a lot of seniors Plant gets reps.
  18. Sec14Gator

    Dwight Howard charged with sexual assault....on a man

    Who the F is clicking on J's link to "Thinking about that meat"
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