1. maheo30

    Ty'Ron Hopper transferring to powerhouse Missouri

    Figured this needed its own thread.
  2. maheo30

    Mullen now coaching high school football?

    I’m not sure how this is even possible unless the coaching is that bad which made me think of Mullinz ball.
  3. maheo30

    Kyle Pitts runs a 4.46; Jerry Jones "infatuated" with him

    This is blowing up all over social media. The guy is just a complete freak.
  4. maheo30

    Mullen: Georgia beat us twice

    I watched Mullen's post game presser which is something I don't normally do. But he commented about the lack of effort and intensity in the Mizzou game. Then Mullen said he didn't want to disparage Mizzou, but said UGly beat us twice. The players were hung over from that game. Interesting...
  5. maheo30

    Auburn to the east?

    I didn't see this posted unless it is in a thread I missed. Do you think it will happen? Is it good or bad? http://www.foxsports.com/midwest/story/mizzou-tigers-to-the-sec-west-auburn-tigers-want-a-shift-053117
  6. maheo30

    The Importance of Dre Massey

    I saw this article today and thought it was interesting. He speaks about how bad our return game has been under Mac and what it has done to the offense. https://www.seccountry.com/florida/2017-florida-gators-special-teams-receivers
  7. maheo30

    Cece a first round pick?

    SEC Country did a 2018 mock draft with Cece going number 22 to the bills. After you are done laughing, how likely is it he plays well enough to warrant this pick? As it stands now, he's an undrafted rookie FA. https://www.seccountry.com/sec/2018-nfl-mock-draft-predictions-quarterbacks
  8. maheo30

    Jeremiah Moon

    I didn't see this posted. The kid really stuck out in the spring game. It says he is up to 228 pounds. He doesn't look it. If he can really get to 240 and still keep all that speed he'll be a beast. https://www.seccountry.com/florida/jeremiah-moon-healthy-florida-defense
  9. maheo30

    Jake Allen couldn't wait to get away from Harbaugh

    I didn't see this posted anywhere. I'm liking this kid more and more. Q: What was the funniest story that happened on one of your recruiting trips. A: “I was at a Michigan camp and talking with a couple other quarterbacks. We were all talking about our grades. I was messing around and said...
  10. maheo30

    Lacedrick Brunson Next Gator Great?

    Interesting article. If he really is a sideline to sideline backer then this is a nice find. However, I'll wait until I see it for myself. https://www.seccountry.com/florida/how-and-why-florida-signed-sleeper-miami-lb-lacedrick-brunson
  11. maheo30

    Could Fred Taylor sue the NFL?

    Does he have a justifiable lawsuit on his hands? I can't help but wonder was it an accident or they didn't tell him on purpose. He is my favorite gator of all time. Tony Boselli sued for similar reasons. He won. The judgment was overturned on appeal...
  12. ATXGator

    Jimmy H in Michigan Rap video

    He looks so uncomfortable... I do find it funny that the only line they give him is yelling! Is this really what is selling recruits these days? I hope Mac doesn't do this.
  13. maheo30

    Spring Game O-line Grades

    It took me some time to go back over the spring game, paying specific attention to the o-line. Here is what I saw. I'll be harder on vets than on the young guys. 1st team: David Sharpe - He had a good night. He was solid in pass protection and in run blocking. Sharpe needs to step up his game...
  14. maheo30

    A Sad Day in Gator Nation

    In 2013, Will Muschamp signed the next star at QB for Florida. His name was Max Staver. A 6'6, 240 pound QB with a rocket arm. Surrounded by hats from elite programs like Northern Colorado, Memphis, and Tennessee State, he chose the Florida Gators. We got lucky getting this one. Gator nation...
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