1. maheo30

    5 Stars and Burger King

    Not even Dopey and Butters did this. Okay, they did but I expect more from UK.
  2. jaywalker72

    Recruiting 2023 Recruiting Thread: 4* OT Caden Jones completes the class

    We already have a commit, so let's go 2023! This will be the year! Really! 2023 Team Rankings Shawn Russ Jr., 2023 Athlete - Rivals.com EDIT: It has only been a year or so since this was posted. Crazy changes. I started this to mock Mullen, but crap, we may really be onto something.....or at...
  3. jaywalker72

    The vision behind Dan Mullen’s overhaul of Florida’s recruiting staff

    Will Sammon of The Athletic interviewed Mullen about how he's changed last year's recruiting infrastructure (subscription req'd - seriously, just sub already!): The vision behind Dan Mullen’s overhaul of Florida’s... Excerpt: When he was hired at Florida in November 2017 after nine seasons...
  4. jaywalker72

    Recruiting 2022 Recruiting Thread: Evers and CJ Smith Decommit

    Pro-style QB with solid offers from Big Ten old-timers Ohio State and Michigan. Texas A/M and Arizona State as well. Quinn Ewers, 2022 Pro-style quarterback - Rivals.com
  5. maheo30

    Lacedrick Brunson Next Gator Great?

    Interesting article. If he really is a sideline to sideline backer then this is a nice find. However, I'll wait until I see it for myself. https://www.seccountry.com/florida/how-and-why-florida-signed-sleeper-miami-lb-lacedrick-brunson
  6. maheo30

    Coach Mac proves his recruiting prowess?

    Is Coach Mac just smarter than the rest? Does he have an eye for talent? What say you? I say next season will tell the tale as Wilson, Maye and others are gone and Mac's guys take over on D. I'm especially worry about the secondary...
  7. Bernardo de la Paz

    The Roster By The Numbers

    Here's a look at the current shape of the roster with numbers of guys at each position by class, and the average number of stars on rivals when they were recruited. I removed the walk-ons that have been awarded scholarships and I added in Appleby who was a 3 star recruit back in the day, but...
  8. EuroGator

    Recruiting Mac Announces Early Enrollees: Focus on Offense

    Chauncey Gardner Freddie Swain
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