Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. South Florida


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Jul 30, 2014
This game was certainly discouraging to watch. I try to remember how big a mess was left behind and how much CBN stated in the spring that there would be no quick fix. That said…

-There are some game management concerns. Much has been said about them already. I expect better from a detail oriented guy. I hope he cleans it up quickly.

-AR’s regression is troubling. Is it a loss of confidence? Is CBN handcuffing him? Is it both? Or does CBN need to simplify the play calling (maybe remove the audible)?

-Some have mentioned Wright looked better last Saturday. I still say the offense moved the ball significantly better with Johnson and ETN. And I truly don’t see how anyone can argue differently.

-The D looked better against ky. Baffling they struggled against the bulls.

-As others have mentioned, there are young players getting reps and showing flashes of potential. I hope this really builds future studs and attracts stud recruits who see early PT to go with the new facilities.

Not feeling good about tinerc, but maybe this is the “get us while you can” year before we reestablish winning football. A Gator can dream, right?

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