Cooter, Help! Zambo gets Betty too hot


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Jul 24, 2020
:lol: Well I bought this old thing because it looked cool and I figured it would only take a little TLC to spruce it up into something we could have some fun it. Then, after cleaning it out I found out the floors were soft and needed replacing. So I had to pull out the cabinets, then I found out the walls had some water damaged rotten studs so I pulled down the paneling. One thing led to another and I wound up doing a complete remodel.

Same thing for the mechanicals....the engine and trans worked, but the engine was old and running rough so I decided to rebuild it. Then when I had it out I figured I may as well get the trans done too. Then I realized that the wiring was a rat's nest I could never untangle so I rewired the whole thing. And after finding out the wheels were 2-piece 'widowmaker' wheels that nobody will even touch anymore, I wanted new modern one-piece wheels but no one makes them in this old crazy lug pattern, so I needed new hubs. And I figured if I'm doing new hubs I may as well get rid of the drums and put disc brakes on. And etc etc etc.

Phucking white whale...I shoulda named it Moby Dick instead of Betty.

I knew it, you're crazy!
Good work.


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Jun 12, 2014
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Took ol' Betty on a spin around the block yesterday, first time off the property since I brought her home. Drives pretty easy, not hard to control at all, steering and braking is good. The electric fan didn't come on for some reason and she started getting hot so it was a short trip, but happy nonetheless.


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Jun 12, 2014
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Another brief but productive fit of work on Betty. I finally got around to building a table. Cut the shape out of a piece of sanded plywood, then using hot water I was able to form some 3/4" trim around the edge so that it looked nice. Stained it and added a bracket on one side that allows it to quickly attach/detach from the back wall of the camper and either drop down to form the bed or be brought outside for a picnic table. The leg is attached with a folding bracket. Also cut some carpet for the floor of the front cab and laid it down over sound mat to insulate noise from the engine as much as possible. Also used some thin diamond plate to make a backsplash behind the stove.


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