Dinner time


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Jul 24, 2020
I guess the bag says it all :giggity:

Sorry to hear. It sure looks good in the pic!
Back in HS I worked 1/2 day at the DoT my senior year and my supervisor became a lifelong friend. He would take me out fishing and was a good ol’ boy. When I would mess up at work he would tell me “There’s a need to read!”

Eventually Chris married a co-worker and they moved to Gainesville to get a degree in engineering at UF. We’d get together and make dinner together occasionally but went our separate ways. One time I was in Tally and wanted to introduce seedy to him. Chris had just gone fishing off Mexico Beach and sent us back to KY with pounds of grouper. To this day, he is known as Grouper Chris and would probably still tell me “THERE’S A NEED TO READ!” :lol:

Here’s to Grouper Chris :cheers:

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