Do you actually want to label them?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Ancient Reptile, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Ancient Reptile Senior Member
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    Mar 4, 2015
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    Sports or politics? Dunno. But I find the NCAA ad that insists I want to label them offensive. What is it that they think I want to label them? Dumb jocks? Are people really that stupid? The other NCAA ad asserting that, if you play well enough, you may get a scholarship regardless of race, Creed, gender, or national origin is supportive and uplifting. Telling me that I want to label them deneans me. And, to echo the ad, they don't even know me. No one that knows me slanders me like that.
    Am I all alone in this response?
    • Gatorraid81

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      Dec 4, 2016
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      Screw the NCAA!!
    • divits

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      Jun 13, 2014
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      Agree 100%. I thought the same thing. It's a straw man commercial aimed at what I'm not exactly sure. Why the in your face attitude about a perceived slight that doesn't exist? I'm guessing a millennial came up with it and the gray haired dunderhead who shrugged and OK'd it was told, "Victimhood. It's what the kids are all about today, chief. They'll love it!".
    • Theologator

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      Aug 11, 2015
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      I regularly run across people who have a highly misinformed view of college athletics. They don’t see the extraordinary opportunities it provides for young people, the benefits universities get from the exposure or the rallying point it is for alumni support with fundraising, endowments etc. They don’t know that athletes have a higher average GPA and retention than the general student body. That’s especially true among academia, where there is a constant seed of resentment.

      So, I don’t mind the comercial. It’s more confrontational than their normal angle but that doesn’t bother me.

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