Election Time...And you want the Far Left Running Things?

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    Oregon outlaws production, sale of caged eggs | WATTAgNet

    Oregon Gov. Kate Brown on August 12 signed into law legislation that would make it illegal for eggs from cage-raised hens to be produced or sold in the state.

    The law will take effect at the end of 2023.

    Oregon’s new law requires that barns where eggs that are produced or sold in the state must contain perches, nests, and areas for the hens to scratch and dust bathe.

    In the meantime,

    Portland is having major issues dealing with its rampant homeless and poop problem

    Portland is having major issues dealing with its rampant homeless and poop problem

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      Good for you NOLA, pointing out Oregon's homeless poop problem. Finding even an overnight for homeless poop is a shltty problem. Some MSM reporter needs to get a scoop on that, Oregon officials must be flushed with embarrassment?

      Recent research data shows that being fully vegan promotes longevity -- extends your life by 137,000 more frowns. than stupid omnivores.

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