Hardest Schedule in the Country!


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Aug 17, 2018
Saw this online:

UCF Linebackers:
The linebackers are all transfers. Josiah Pierre is a veteran from Texas Tech who made 133 tackles and five sacks in three season, and Vanderbilt’s Ethan Barr is taking over in the middle after making 219 stops in four years.

From the article:

And then Power Five reality came to breakfast.

As Cincinnati and Houston found out, too, there’s a difference between winning one or three games against high-conference teams, and getting hit by the weekly body blows of dealing with the talent and resources of the power leagues.

That *should* put to bed any of the "UCF National Champion" nonsense from a few years ago, but I doubt it will.

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Aug 1, 2018
edit...I will say this, lots has been made about how wimpy our strength and conditioning was for the last two seasons which seems to be validated by watching us get pushed around in games against quality lineman. Maybe getting a new S&C coach will help make a difference. I dont know...again...hope so...
This is part of why so many do not trust Napier. Is he not experienced and detail oriented enough to discern if our S&C was SEC level? Happened on his watch. During Spring and in-season practice could he not see his secondary, DL and LB coaches were not doing enough? Yes, they eventually moved on. But were they refusing to be position coaches or did Napier "awe shucks" them and let it be what it was? Wouldn't happen in Shart or Saban run programs. As much as I would like to see 7+ this season, I suspect the guy is really just a position coach that somehow became a HC.

FWIW, all great staffs have future HCs. Who on Napier's staff might be HC material?

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