Man-made climate change unleashes hellish conditions on Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gator Fever, Jan 8, 2019.

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    Syrian Refugee Camp in Lebanon Buried in Snow and Ice -- Refugee Director Blames Global Warming (VIDEO)

    The snowstorm “Norma” is battering Northeastern Lebanon with heavy snow, rain and strong winds affecting nearly 250,000 refugees. Hundreds of refugee camps and settlements in the area from the Akkar Plain to Bekaa Valley have been devastated by the storm. The camps house thousands of Syrian refugees in little more than tents and improvised wooden structures. UNHCR reported 70% of Syrian refugees in Lebanon live below the poverty line and 41% have precarious and unsafe housing…

    …Flooding and heavy rains in Northern Syria, which started on December 26, have also devastated IDP camps across the region. Thousands of tents and the personal possessions of these IDPs were washed away, including medical supplies, wheel chairs and equipment. The people in these camps have lost what little they had left with no way of replacing them.

    Dr. Hussam Al Fakir, Chairman of UOSSM International said, “Climate change has unleashed hellish conditions on the Syrian refugees in Lebanon. These families are living in tents, with all their clothes and possessions soaked and temperatures below freezing. Children, elderly, the infirm and vulnerable will not survive much longer without being moved to warm and dry locations. This is a humanitarian nightmare and will require an enormous coordinated effort to reach all of these camps in time.”


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    Aren't there rich Arab countries that should be taking care of this?
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      It is a possible result of climate change that variation in weather might result. I won't share my opinion about having fewer humans on the planet. Almost every poster here already knows my views.

      Yes wealthy others should do whatever is going to be done. Not the broke US.

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