Maria Butina, Russian non-spy

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    Re: MSM, fake news slanting this event towards lies implicating Trump nefariousness.
    This woman's work was her confidence game scam - not connected to trump campaign. Years before Trump neared politics as candidate, Butina found a wealthy Russian businessman who supported "gun rights" in his country. He was a member and larger doner to the gun rights programs of the NRA, as it promotes in foreign countries too. Through him she enhanced her income wealth by bridging with the NRA.

    Once she got her U.S. visa, she had that pre-lubed connection with the NRA. Typical con M.O. she made claims (false & unconnected to Trump) that if you "pre-grease" her palms with $, she would get you audience with the U.S. SOS. (Sounds like "pay to play" just recently condoned by Hillary) BTW, the SOS had yet to be named. So she was duping people to pay for audience with an unknown official, of unknown likes & dislikes.?? {{ you've seen the Justice Channels fraud shows, where the con-man gets photographed with high politicos and weaves a tale of exaggerated connectivity. All a set-up for the convincing but fake appearance}}
    Watch how fake news "aims"-targets Trump for intricate involvement in this.

    This "slides" into MSM next targeting the NRA as the Devil - making it seem like just now, just to get Trump elected the NRA just started taking donations from Russia. Fact is, the NRA has been accepting funds from Russia since 1978. Has the NRA been saving up for Trump since 1978? Also the NRA gets donations from France, Spain, Brazil, Germany, Britain, etc world outreach. NRA is restricted to legally using funds specifically ear-marked for political action spending.

    NRA funds are recorded in multiple tax forms annually. Funds come from =
    1) Membership dues 50.5% [worldwide]
    2) corporate sponsors 27.7 % [worldwide, gun manufacturers]
    3) ancillary business income 7.9% [clubs, safety programs]
    4) advertising revenue 7%
    That's 93.1% bulk of funds.
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