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Jul 29, 2014
So now the fuse in the new power pack has blown....but hey, I found out that the salt cell itself is over 6 years old so at 10 hours a day X 7 days a week X52 weeks I managed to get over 21,000 hours usage out of the one I have.....The bad news is it's shot.... So I'll plunk down another $1200 for a new one considering how much I'm spending on chlorine it will actually save me some money over the course of a few years....

I gotta say too the pool stayed much nicer with less effort and cost when it was working for those who might be getting tired of the cost of chlorine and sanitizers....


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Aug 18, 2018
The best source for learning about....fixing problems....general maintenance....etc, on pools: Trouble Free Pools


This site is without question THE place to refer to. These guys at this site and this forum can answer any question you can throw at them, and are the kind to tell you to avoid the pool stores(it's a big racket and they will sell you far too much of what you don't need). They have processes to follow to get your water right and keep it right without breaking the bank. Do your own testing as the pool store numbers can and do vary A LOT. I tried recently taking samples to 3 different pool stores and none of their numbers matched each others, hence causing different recommendations on what you needed to buy to fix the water. I said thank you to each one and I would get back with them....came home & tested my water with my test kit--followed TPF guidance, and my pool was and is perfectly balanced, crystal arse clear.

I just started using this site this year as I was having issues with my pool water--it turned camo fatigue green during off season and I had a bear of a time trying to get it clear again. Took me weeks of fighting with it but once I found this forum to read and learn, I got it sparkling and balanced better than it has ever been. And it did not cost nearly what it would had I depended on the pool store or pool guys coming out to the house on regular service. DIY is a lot easier than I thought.

This site has a Pool Math Calculator which makes knowing precisely what chemicals and how much to use, and I can attest--it works. Follow these guys advice and suggestions, and pool maintenance is easy again....the way it should be.

Without a doubt it is the best site I've ever found to make pool life easy. Highly recommend. I can not emphasize this site enough.

By the way, I forgot to mention this is a free site. You can donate if you choose to, but certainly not required or necessary. It is a community of pool experts who do everything they can to help others have easy care pools.
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