Putting Up Peas


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Jun 12, 2014
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The missus and I finished putting up peas this weekend. We put up 2 hampers of Top Pick white acres to go along with 2 hampers of Cream 8’s we put up two weeks ago. The last two hampers were $3 higher than last season at $45 for a shelled hamper, but they were very clean and we enjoy them. The Cream 8’s were the same price as last season at $20/hamper unshelled. They were nice and clean and I shelled while watching the CWS. As far as I’m concerned, the Creams are as good as they get and you can’t buy them in the grocery store, leastways not this day and time.

Another thing we have enjoyed this summer is the watermelons. Son has brought us some from IFAS, Crimson Sweet I believe, that were good, but the best we’ve had was a round, dark melon (not a Stone Mountain). The meat was bright red and real sweet with just a trace of seed. Biggest mistake was not going back to get a couple more before the 4th of July.


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Jun 11, 2014
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No, I suggested you have your son write you a database with a web front-end so you can catalog all recipes and be able to search for whatever you want. Instead you have this wooden box with folded 8.5"X11" full sheets in it...you already print the internet. The real question is, "Why not this recipe?"
Take a look at a free recipe program, very easy to use.
" Copy Me That "

Never lose a recipe again! Add your own recipes or copy recipes from any website.
Organize with collections. Search, filter, print, scale (premium), email, and share!
Fully integrated with the shopping list and meal planner. Syncs across all your devices.

If I don't have time to enter the recipe then I just take a picture of the recipe card and label it with recipe name.
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