Recruiting Revisited: How the class of 2016 ranks four years later

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    This is from The Athletic, so if you don't have a subscription, you're SOL. However, I'm pasting the UF portion and some other tidbits from the article...(also if you don't have a subscription, come off the damn wallet you cheap b@stards!):

    This is a bit surprising where they rank UF, and look at #13:

    Recruiting Revisited: How the class of 2016 ranks four years later

    Recruiting Revisited: How the class of 2016 ranks four years...

    The point system we’re using for this is no different than in past years. Much like the recruiting industry’s five-star rating metric, we’re using a basic 0-to-5 scale.

    5 points: All-American, award winner, top-50 NFL draft pick
    4: Multiyear starter, all-conference honors
    3: One-year starter or key reserve
    2: Career backup
    0: Left the program, minor or no contribution

    1. Clemson: 3.68
    2. Alabama: 3.48

    3. Florida
    Adjusted average: 3.19
    Hit rate: 89%
    Class rank in 2016: 12th
    Four-year record: 34-16
    Top signees: DB C.J. Gardner-Johnson, OL Jawaan Taylor, RB Lamical Perine, LB David Reese II, DE Jachai Polite

    The top two classes in this revised ranking were extremely predictable. But the No. 3 spot? Here’s a little bit of a surprise. The first full recruiting class of the Jim McElwain era ended up being way more productive than expected. The players who signed in 2016 went through a coaching change during their second year in the program, but nearly all of them stayed on board. Only three signees — Jordan Smith, McArthur Burnett and Antonneous Clayton — ended up transferring prior to graduating.

    In hindsight, maybe this ranking does kind of make sense? Dan Mullen inherited a group with a lot of potential and found immediate success, winning 21 games in their first two years together. The 2017 season was an abject disaster, no question, but this class played an important role in helping get the Gators back on track. This class hasn’t had any All-Americans but did produce 16 future starters, three of whom — Taylor, Polite and Gardner-Johnson — were drafted in 2019.


    4. Notre Dame: 3.07
    5. UGA: 3.07
    6. Michigan: 3.06
    7. Minnesota: 3.04
    8. Ohio State: 3.01
    9. Utah: 2.97
    10. Washington: 2.95
    11. LSU: 2.86
    12. Memphis: 2.84

    13. Miss State:
    Adjusted average: 2.84
    Hit rate: 80%
    Class rank in 2016: 28th
    Four-year record: 29-23
    Top signees: DT Jeffery Simmons, CB Cameron Dantzler, LB Erroll Thompson, OL Stewart Reese, OL Greg Eiland

    Back on signing day in 2016, Dan Mullen only had room to sign 18 players due to a small departing senior class. For that reason, it was going to be tough for this class to crack the top 25 back then. Wasn’t too hard for the Bulldogs to make it into this top 25. For more developmental programs, these are the kinds of classes you need to sign most years in order to thrive.

    Simmons, a five-star signee and two-time All-SEC selection, proved to be one of the most talented players in Mississippi State history. But that’s no surprise. What makes this a strong class are the nine signees who kept improving throughout their careers — even through a coaching transition — and held down starting roles in 2019. Most of them are slated to return as seniors next season, too, and will be critical for getting the Mike Leach era off to a solid start.

    14. Penn State: 2.77
    15. Boise: 2.76
    16. Iowa: 2.75
    17: Florida Atlantic: 2.75
    18. Oklahoma: 2.70
    19. Oklahoma State: 2.70
    20. Texas A&M: 2.70
    21. West Virginia: 2.68
    22. TCU: 2.65
    23. Stanford: 2.63
    24. Ole Miss: 2.61
    25. Temple: 2.60

    Honorable mention: 26. Missouri (2.60 average); 27. Troy (2.58); 28. Appalachian State (2.56); 29. Kentucky (2.56); 30. Northwestern (2.54); 31. Syracuse (2.53); 32. Arizona State (2.53); 33. Houston (2.52); 34. Wisconsin (2.49); 35. Virginia (2.48).
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      So Mac was actually an elite recruiter?
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      Using parameters like "produced 16 future starters" when they are only starters bc the roster is garbage?

      2 safeties so horrid they make Kyle Jackson blush.

      The "star" CB is slow and can only function inside.

      MLB too slow to to cover .... well, anyone.

      Perine, solid kid, but slow fiest steps.

      Big Jawaan Taylor, great kid and a weightroom warrior but too slow to handle SEC DEs speed rush.

      Starting to notice a commonality. Too slow. thinking it is elite teams are sad they passed on these kids?

      Not a single All American. Says it all.

      Bizzarro point system being used.
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        The parameteres for the article was weak. It's basically, "well, SOMEBODY has to start"....and considering by then the roster was mostly a high end Group of Five see what you get: a 34-16 record (and Mullen won 21 of those games).

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