The Panic Plague of Releasing Prisoners Before a Virus Strikes?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rogdochar, Apr 25, 2020.

  1. rogdochar

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    Jun 14, 2014
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    While states are executing house arrests for honest citizens, they are releasing imprisoned criminals!
    Washington State Supreme Court came within one vote of releasing the Green River Killer who has murdered at least 49 women - vote was 5 to 4. He was "hidden" in a list of many felons.??

    The movement is called "compassionate release", saying that they're sitting ducks for coronavirus.
    150,000 of 1.5 million prisoners are over 60 years old. Well duhh, most of those have remained in prison due to committing heinous violent crimes warranting long sentences.

    Philadelphia Police Commissioner announced-announced they will not arrest for burglary, theft, vandalism and dealing drugs, etc. (Think about high-end jewelry stores.) To me, it seems the officials driving this are female Dems. But better not get caught jogging in the city park.

    Additionally, when vaccinations work, they'll have to be rationed and felons & illegals can bump ahead of good citizens.
    [Crazy don't cure corona.]
    • pilot-in-fla

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      Jan 15, 2015
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      What is the logic behind freeing people who couldn't obey some of the more basic of the ten commandments, e.g. thou shalt not steal, and expect them to live by these social distancing requirements which are likely to be unconstitutional in some of the more extreme cases?
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      • wrpgator

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        Sep 6, 2019
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        Remember, this is the beta test for the world the Left is building for us.
      • DocZaius

        DocZaius alligator underground dot com
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        Jun 23, 2014
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        Who's Kurt Russell and who's Ernest Borgnine in this scenario? More importantly, when do we get to see an in-her-prime Adrienne Barbeau's funbags?

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