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Discussion in 'Main Sports Forum' started by GatorTruth133, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Spoiler Alert: I hate FSU. If you have never read this before, In my fandom FSU is the ONLY annual rivalry we have a losing record against. My mom had crap poured onto her at a game in Joke Shambles from the top party decks or whatever they call them. I remember the "it's great to be a 4 and 8'r" chants. I vividly remember being 6 years old and seeing Ward to Dunn, I remember the Choke at Doak, I remember the "echo of the whistle" (more on that later), I remember sending scrubs to fight Tony George, I remember the Swindle, I remember a lot of other bs, and that is why last night was about no prisoners and enjoying every second of it.

    To start the game we move the ball down the field at will. Then FSU used almost every trick play in their book (and our safety quality) to move down the field and score. Then, the game was over. We could find frustrating things at times, but seriously, did anyone think FSU would have a shot once we marched the ball back down the field a second straight time. Heck, I might have mocked plenty of FSU things last night, but seriously, the one that pissed off a Seminole in my general direction...saying at 5:00 to go in the 4th quarter we still had more people in the stands than they did at any home game this season. The funny thing is, it's true. Heck, UCF would have a higher season average than FSU, but their stadium's capacity wouldn't allow it. I will be discussing the game, but this is also my hit piece on a program that if they had a freshman QB with allegations like Jalon Jones had they would start a Heisman campaign, see 2013.

    I regret that we slowed it down in the second half I wanted 50-70 points and know we could have hit it if we weren't getting cute because we could. The goal being to show any new coach the true scope of the dumpster fire that they would have to inherit, while losing talented players like Akers from the program. That, along with what has to be low ball in pay after the struggle to buyout Taggart would be enough to dissuade any coach worthy of football recognition from taking it on. Seriously, who after watching that train wreck wants that challenge knowing there are financial issues within the athletic department with annual games against programs like Clemson and Florida?



    What can you say? This offensive line has been below even some of the lowest of expectations in the run game this year. The passing game has been off the charts. 4 TD passes on the night, Trask throws for 343 and Emory throws for 47. I only hate we didn't get to 400 passing. But we did get 467 yards, without really trying to do anything in the 4th quarter.

    Trask had some amazing throws into some tight windows. The TD to Jefferson was a good example of that. Good pocket presence, movement, keeping eyes downfield and delivering the TD. I also think the throwaway on the previous play was much better than the forcing the issue we've seen over the years from QB's. I know I've said this plenty, but imagine this guy if there was a running game around him or an average offensive line. You know, like last year when Franks barely contributed to the running game for most of the season, but we still ran the ball pretty well. Trask will need to work on his long ball accuracy. Had a few last night he let get away from him.

    Dante Lang owes Toney and apology. Toney showed why he's one of the most electrifying players you've ever seen on the rare occasion he gets the ball.

    I was very happy to see the senior receivers go out the way that they did. On the drive we couldn't punch it in from the one (O-line not getting a push) it seemed like throughout the drive we were trying to force the ball to get him a TD on senior night. I think that partially, if not totally, accounts for that third down call. Swain did great with the catch and runs...Have I mentioned this season that the quick passes into space and letting our guys make plays could work? Both TD's Swain had an impressive run. It is unfortunate he got injured, but at least we got to see what a punt return looks like again.

    Van Jefferson has improved since transferring over and I think could be the poster child for us potentially picking up a grad transfer receiver this off-season. Pitts had some big catches. Cleveland was impressive.

    I like to talk about schemes and everything, but last night, we knew we could go out there and do what we wanted and for the most part we did. We even tried to have some fun just because and force plays to players because we knew we were winning. If the offensive line can get it together before next season, this may be a force to reckon with.

    I want to start by offering the only real negative thing I can say. Our safeties are bad. I know, I've said it a lot on plenty of threads, but they were well beat on several plays, but luckily FSU could not make the throws. Oh, and the big play on the first drive. Partially on Hendo, but I'm pretty sure he was expecting a safety for inside help.

    With that said, Defense overall did their thing and played well. 8 sacks, that is amazing. My favorite part, when we sacked Blackman and I might have yelled that he was some type of feline...then 30 seconds later he's crying on TV. Can't make it up. I'm sure he was crying to beg not to be put back in the game. He was and then got beat the F up and took 3 sacks on the next drive. :bwahaha::dance::bananadance2::rotfl:

    We did let Akers get to 102 yards. If we didn't let the 50 yard TD happen, it's 16 carries for 52 yards, under 4 ypc. That is a good stat. Oh and we had former 2 star extraordinaire Brunson in on that play.

    This unit wasn't perfect last night, but it didn't need to be. Would have liked a 4th shut out at home this season, but it's fine. Heck we allowed 33 points in 6 games, that's 5.5 points a game at home. Granted 5 of 6 were cupcakes, but that is still an insane average.

    Special Teams
    McPherson missed his first XP ever and Swain muffed one (though a penalty negated), but overall not a bad night. We got to see some semblance of a punt return unit. We got to see a big kick return that almost broke for a TD. And we even got to see a fake punt. I liked the call. I know some people have been grumbling, but look, it was senior day, we were up big, FSU wasn't coming back and we tried getting Townsend one more moment. Also this:

    Quick Hits
    • There was a different feeling in the air last night and the Swamp was rocking. Any recruits should have been impressed. Although rocking, the intensity didn't feel there because of how inept FSU is.
    • Kyle Pitts got a flag for blocking to the echo of the whistle.
    • To replace Taggart with a white coach would expose FSU's racism...Odell must be hired today.
    • Odell was part of the program under Jimbo when it slid and under Taggert as it continued to slide...Odell must be hired today.
    • Ventrell Miller needs to practice the scoop and score. But first, he needs to take a lap.
    • I can't take a Gators dad seriously if he leaves before the end of the third quarter because he has his FSU daughter/son with them.
    • Why were there people deciding to leave after a second down? Happened quite a bit...I don't understand why you don't finish the drive or at least after the 3rd won.
    • VERY disappointed no receiver did the senior thing and chuck the ball into the stands after scoring.
    • New facilities video looks nice, can't wait to see donations given and then funneled to other sports again
    Around the Nation
    • My brother was at K-State/Iowa State, left a good game early because his father-in-law was too cold. Also, potential FSU hire Matt Campbell lost.
    • Clemson beat down Muschamp, shouldn't have done it so bad because Muschamp might be forced out.
    • Miami, remember Gameday discussing a possible 12-0/11-1 season? LOL.
    • Jennings at UT is Kash Daniels level garbage as a human being
    • Bama may still make the playoff. I mean no quality wins, but Finebaum will campaign.
    • Auburn helping our strength of schedule.
    • Seriously, SEC won three against the ACC by at least 23 points.
    • Geaux Tigers
    • Is Ohio State-Michigan a rivalry? Many people are saying our match up with UT no longer is and both series have the same records over the last 15 games.
    Say what we want about changes that do need to be made, that we need to stop thinking beating UGA would be an upset, etc., but we have back to back 10 win seasons and that isn't nothing. We averaged 300 yards passing a game. How many of you would have taken the odds on that at the beginning of the season? How many would take it if you were told Trask would be playing most of the year (not Donkey lol)? There are frustrations, but there also is a lot of hope and progress. We just creamed FSU for the second year in a row. It's looking grim on their coaching search currently and I'm not sure the financials are getting better. They have a good shot at becoming Tennessee without the fan base. It's a good time to be a Gator.

    Go Gators!
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      I hope you're wrong, but I fear you're right.:fatnanner:
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        Dante Lang needs to move over to the DL. He's absolutely horrible as a TE.

        The RB's only had 11 total carries last night. Wish Perine had gotten the ball on the goal line (and scored).

        I hope Slaton returns. He's turned a corner and has become a very formidable DT.

        Kentucky rushed for 517 yards vs. Louisville. Unbelievable!
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          Agree 100% with Perine getting the ball more. I'm not sure if he got nicked up or what, but he played sparingly after the 1st quarter from what I saw. Side note: my wife took pictures for his family after the game (Player family tickets are in Section 13). I was glad to see his family were able to make the trip he had to make by bus years ago. He has one of the better stories on this team.

          Even with Krull's transfer, I expect Lang to be TE #4 behind Pitts, Zip, and Gamble.

          I hope Slaton returns because we are very thin at DT, take that in every way you will.

          517 is ridiculous, did you also see the downpour in that game?

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