US Atty Durham expanding deep state criminal probe to cover actual coup attempt..

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gator Fever, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Gator Fever

    Gator Fever Senior Member

    Jun 13, 2014
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    Durham already has most of the info he needs on how the crooks started this illegal spying and coup scheme and now he is expanding his criminal probe to include the actual coup attempt started after Trump officially took office. I bet Rosenstein is getting a little nervous thinking he had nothing to worry about when he left. He was fully in on this crooked mess once he appointed Mueller and I don't think just claiming you never read the FISA warrant you signed is enough to protect him with all the actions he took in this illegal coup attempt. I guess he might get lucky and not be charged if he agrees to testify against the initial crooked intelligence deep staters. Brennan is to be interviewed by Durham's investigators in a few days and they already know most of the answers to what he will be asked.

    This is one of the reasons we are seeing this Whistleblower hoax right now as that IG worked directly with the crooks at the NSD while they were carrying out the illegal spying plan etc.
    • Concrete Helmet

      Concrete Helmet Hook, Line, and Sinker
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      Jul 29, 2014
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      It's like I just explained to Av...the Dems are not on offense here. They are trying to save their asses by distracting with the faux impeachment. There is NO way Pelosi would have started this when she did if Shifty Shift, Nadler and possibly herself along with all of her old pals from the Obama Admin weren't seriously involved and worried about it....The evidence is indisputable.
      • rogdochar

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        Jun 14, 2014
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        Barr and Durham will not hand America fake claims. Thus, they gather all the truth-pieces to the entire criminal puzzle, tying in all crime actors.
        When it all makes sense, they will proceed with treating criminals as criminals. It's seeming as if Barr & Durham have become interested in also draining the swamp. All that these Dems have perpetrated involved collapsing the constitutionality of America, shredding the rule of law, will be exposed by irrefutable evidence that will stand up in a court of law. The "Fake Media" will be convicted in the court of honest public opinion. Perhaps, Schiff, Nadler, etc the Media can be convicted for lies and perhaps for libel or slander. Whatever punishment will restore honesty & truth to these areas where lies to damage should never have gained entrance, being ushered in by Dem-style politics. Put America back on the right tracks, for the sanity of all !

        After this or simultaneously let's correctly handle Hillary's email obstruction of justice toward the crimes (and treasonous acts) that she committed. Eventually, these crooks will fall back on their concept : "Oh, but that's the way we've always done it in DC." Evil should never have had such a foothold in U.S. jurisprudence, never in electioneering, never in wadding up our Constitution, etc crookedness etc.
        • Scott512

          Scott512 Senior Member

          Sep 1, 2014
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          There is a lot to do here but the Republicans and everyone involved in these investigations and potential indictments against the Democrats need to get moving fast. No more time to waste. They wasted enough time.

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