Were Pumpers Right on GC Activity If Dumpers Left?


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Aug 18, 2018
Nothing wrong with this board. It's the offseason, we just went through what 80 Pages or something on Napiers First season?
People leave, then come back. It's al good.


It's a great board with a bunch of smart ass characters that genuinely care about our Gators.
Some, even know a little about politics.

I enjoy coming here, I always leave the page open on my personal computer while I'm working the dual screens on my work computer, just in case something happens or someone posts a thread on something I'm interested in.

I encourage everyone to not only check out the sports board but other boards as well.
I personally enjoy the Political board, the Saloon and the Lounge. That's where you get to know other posters a little more than just from their perspective on sports.

I've been very tied up at work lately, haven't posted much, But, I'm normally out here lurking.

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Nov 7, 2015
For me, I’ve noticed a real drop in the number of threads. Back in the day, after every game, there would be multiple threads about various aspects of the game.

Now, after a game we get Bits and Pieces and Truth Takes (which I love, big thankya to the authors) and maybe a thread or two about how we suck.

No doubt, our lack of productivity on the field has created a lack of things to talk about, each other’s moms notwithstanding.


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Sep 7, 2014
Why? Enough asshates here to keep me occupied till Im called to my reward...........
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Jun 18, 2014
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I think the major reason there’s been a culling of sorts is because this is a very small, tightknit community. It’s not a transient community like a 247 or On3. That’s where people come and pay for a year and then leave.

The people who are on this forum have literally been with the old GSMB & here for 20+ years. Some people have probably died and we didn’t know it. But more than likely, a lot of people just slowly move on to different parts of their lives, and spend less and less time on the board.

This is not the type of board that actively recruits subscribers. There’s virtually no marketing presence at all. It’s all word-of-mouth. It’s just never going to grow like the other boards. This board could be around another 30 years and 90% of the people will have died off.

I’d be willing to bet that the retention of this board is significantly higher than any other board.

And with its core members the retention on this board is easily 90+ percent.

The other boards? Probably 10-15+ percent.

Most of those other board members probably have never met, and never will. A lot of people on this board have met each other.

This board is a lot like a family IMO.

Me, one of the youngest on here, being the last remaining member of the board once you old farts die:



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Jun 12, 2014
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There is no question Itraz is a huge loss . His knowledge of the game is outstanding, and in a lot of ways his approach to football mirrors my own . I think he will be back based on our last conversation but I could be mistaken . Hopefully he and law return before toe meets leather in August .

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Jun 19, 2014
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I pop in frequently but I don't always post, which is a little unusual for me. Often I just don't see anything that's of interest. It's been a hell of a long time since we were relevant, and it's weighing on interest.

Ox said it best. It's apathy over a mediocre product. Make the product on the field great again and the numbers will return. Guaranteed.
Miss you man. Post more.


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Feb 15, 2016
Numbers are down and have been dwindling for years, and maybe personal hatred for me is the reason. Don't know, don't particularly care anymore. I think the numbers have been dwindling on ALL the boards, as it has a hell of a lot more to do with apathy for the mediocre program. Untold thousands of Gator fans have gone from die-hards (the type the join boards like these) to casual fans. We can thank Jeremey Foley for that one - may his armpits be infested with the fleas of a thousand camels.

Do I think the numbers would pick up if the Gators were NC contenders? Yes, I most certainly do, no matter how much of an asshat I may be.
You're still my favorite Ox.
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Sep 8, 2014
First off - you people make me sick. Always have, always will.

Second - I'm far from a "dumper", but I've learned my lesson on the "trust the coaches" BS. I stepped away from this forum (I still post in other forums here) because I didn't want to put out Ox when he was excited/optimistic about the new hire. (To be clear - I'm still confident/optimistic Napier can have success at UF (what does success mean? that's a whole different subject)). So, I decided to take a break.

I still read all ya'lls nonsense, bullsh*t, banter, etc....and I've wanted to jump in at times, but I decided it was best (for me personally) to step back. We're into a new off-season, and I'd like to re-join the group....if ya'll will have me. I'm especially ready to run up @soflagator home owner's insurance as a bonus!

This board is outstanding, a lot of great people to banter with, and has a lot of life left in it! I'd suggest all of us try and find one or two of our Gator friends out there and ask them to join in. The more active the boards are, the more enjoyable they are - with or without a Law Donk type.

@GatorJ - I agree w/ your take. I'd like to take over the GC twitter page/account - if that would be okay and start promoting this site. I spend way too much time scrolling

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