What's your guess for the 2019 depth chart?

Discussion in 'Main Sports Forum' started by ltraz, Jan 7, 2019.

  1. GatorTruth133

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    Oct 5, 2017
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    For kicks:

    QB: Franks/Jones/Trask

    RB: Perine/Davis/Pierce

    WR: Jefferson/Cleveland

    WR: Hammond/Grimes/Pitts

    WR: Swain/Toney/Cope

    TE: Krull/Gamble/Zip

    OL: I have no clue, but addition by subtraction as I've repeated plenty. These guys will have 2 years in a system and actually have experience in a competent system as opposed to starting for all of Nuss' embarassment.

    Defense (We sometimes saw multiple ends as opposed to two DT's so I'm putting both.

    DE: Zuniga/Greenard

    DT: Shuler/Dunlap

    DT: Campbell/Slaton

    DE: Clayton/Carter (Taking a gamble)

    OLB: Moon/Little Reese (I think Traz is off on Nick Smith...too soon, I know and I'm not sure who else would back up here)

    ILB: Big Reese/Houston

    ILB: Miller/Houston (Yea, I'm cheating)

    CB: Wilson/Hill

    CB: Hendo/Steele

    "Star": Burney/Stewart

    S: Dean/Davis

    S: Stewart/Stiner

    P: Townsend

    K: McPherson
  2. Swamp Donkey

    Swamp Donkey TaggelwainLivesMatter
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    Jun 9, 2014
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    Well, obviously Nick Smith is part of the crew being invited to have medical issues or given bus tickets, so, yeah, he isnt in the deoth chart.
    • ltraz

      ltraz Well-Known Member

      Oct 18, 2017
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      Yea, I might have missed on Smith contributing...feel awful for him, bc I really do think he was a player. Hopefully he's getting good advice and not like Jarvis Jones did at usc.

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