National Signing Day 2017

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    Trying to use some clear-eyed vision now that "the foul smoke has been blown away".=
    1) Our doom & gloomers took center stage as the antithesis of our revered "Mr. Two Bits".
    2) Gloom-dooms are great Gators wound so tight as to squeeze out xs sweat for the Gators' future.
    Thus gloom-doomers are like a wet washcloth they're wringing so tight it produces drip after drip,
    as we all witnessed.
    3) Now, their wringing lookout outlook is temporarily in remission, 'til McNuss & crew returds us to
    another 100th rank Offense. Then us "on-the-fence guys" will get doomers' posts shoved up our azzes.
    4) Doomers dour dowels work at us because their despicable truths have real splinters with sticking
    power = unworthy QB, predictable O-plays sequence, defensive players not weighty enough, too
    few 4-5 stars, that zen brain-drain, sucky red-zone scoring, on & on.

    In truth, we will again bog down if one of our untested, unwitnessed QBs doesn't show up like
    a Rex Grossman clone. Such a QB would propel Callaway, Cleveland and others into SEC leaders.
    Perhaps Dre Massey will shine as well. Actually, we have too many WRs for defenders to handle,
    just need the OL to give a strong arm QB time to scan and fire.

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