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    Birthday Happy Birthday Gatorphan!

    Are you assuming he’s a guy??? Happy Birthday!!!
  2. Homer J

    Recruiting 2024 Recruiting Thread: Huge OV weekend June 2nd

    It’s not difficult to be the best class in years. I can’t remember when we had multiple LBs that were ready to play.
  3. Homer J

    Birthday Happy 60th Birthday, Uncle Rob!

    Happy Birthday
  4. Homer J

    Recruiting Napier on portal vs HS recruiting He got him off from trafficking drugs!
  5. Homer J

    Recruiting Transfer Portal: RB Jakobi Jackson transfers to UF

    Going off of these two videos, I like Simmons the best.
  6. Homer J

    Recruiting Napier on portal vs HS recruiting

    This is a joke, right? Saban has nothing to do with it. No Alabama cop is allowed to arrest a bama football player. It's like that scene in Varsity Blues when the coach asks the cop if his players are too much trouble. "no, no coach".
  7. Homer J

    Birthday Happy Birthday Marine1!

    Happy Birthday, Brother!
  8. Homer J

    Stetson Bennett’s decade at Georgia

    Notice his SEC patch has no “Graduate” on it. I mentioned this after the National Championship.
  9. Homer J

    Birthday Happy 78th Birthday jmskjrgator!

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. Homer J

    Birthday Happy Birthday NoGaGator!

    Happy Birthday!!! Make it a great day!
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