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    24 years since that glorious night - 1/2/1997; where were you?

    I was there and it was glorious.
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    Youth Wrestling

    My son Michael, 2006 at state. All my boys wrestled.
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    Cam Newton giving up sex for shoulder recovery

    should somebody tell him, that's a whole different muscle...
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    All I can say is sorry to everyone

    Do we get to split his Oxbucks?
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    Where did you live in Gainesville while you were attending UF?

    Tolbert, Hume, Gatorwood, The yellow house with the yellow wall on north side of University Ave just west of the president's home (had camellia gardens and shuffleboard court; the property was still in its entirety then), somewhere in the northeast part of town and finally across the street from...
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Colorado State***

    So this game is a little full circle for me. I was born in Fort Collins while my dad was in veterinary school and my first recollection of a sports pennant was a gold and green mean ass CSU Ram giving you the stink eye stuck up on my bedroom wall. I always have wondered why the pennant was...
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    Poll: Ties to UF

    SFRC '81
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    Calloway gets named starter, then gets arrested hours later

    He can damn sure catch a citation...
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    Multiple football players involved in on-campus incident

    Single shot automatic assault pan...should be banned.
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    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Michigan

    I'm guessing that by now you are guessing, IDGAF. Your avatar thinks football is played with razors. I'm guessing you have bandaids.
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    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Michigan

    Same as I saw and was 2010; deja vu all over again...
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    As if we needed any more reasons..

    that hurt, that hurt a lot...
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    got a family connection too, my dear old dad played for the Bufs in the '50s.
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    Apache pilot and Gator fan

    Hell Yeah! Go Gators!
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