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    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Utah***

    Damn shame to squander that drive.
  2. Poman

    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Utah***

    Game switched to ESPN NEWS
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    Birthday Happy Birthday Durty South Swamp!

    We're going clubbing at La Vela tonight. Don't care if you don't want to. Happy Birthday bro!
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    2022 State of the Board: A new era for UF

    Something inconceivable to me as little as 5 years ago happened. I started not gaf about televised sports anymore. I was hardcore about all my teams. Redskins, Gators, Sabres. Originally it was a slow trickle of not caring anymore. Then politics infected everything. I found it very...
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Alabama***

    This is sooooo surprising. Who could've possibly seen this coming...
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    Deion Sanders, Idiot Supreme

    My monthly allowance is fantastic.
  7. Poman

    Deion Sanders, Idiot Supreme

    I expected to laugh reading the article. Instead, however unlikely, I found myself thinking it would be a great thing if Deion could install such values in theses young men.
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    ***OFFICIAL COTTON BOWL GAME THREAD: UF vs Oklahoma***; Houston talks trash

    He's got killer season tickets. All access including locker room and on the field seats.
  9. Poman

    Pat Forde slams Mullen

    That sounds unpleasant. And deserved.
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    Other than Pitts, would anybody on Trask’s O start on Mac Jones’ O?

    Copeland would absolutely start for them. On D. He can knock down a pass better than anybody in the country.
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Butt-Chuggers***

    It's infuriating having to watch the game live and being bombarded by the same idiotic, mind numbing commercials every 90 seconds. Thanks so much DirecTV.
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