Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Kentucky


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Mar 28, 2016
I waited to make any response to the Gators game, because, like the Gators, I had to get over the "exuberance hangover" from the previous week. Still, the 2 interceptions while running the same play, one ending in 6, was more than this old man's heart could handle. It sure brought me down to ground level.

I was surprised at the overall passing game; it seemed that AR was throwing bullets to Pearsall into coverage way too much. We were lucky none of those got picked off. Taking a lesson from Ky and throwing under the coverage once in a while might have helped.

Still the game seemed to change when that blind side block (?) was called and then the coffin nail with the roughing the passer (?) on a leg tackle. Those calls were awful, but as a I player I was told you need to beat the refs too. It shouldn't have been as close as it was anyway.

So, the Gators eat some humble pie; let's hope they don't take the bulls lightly. At least they won't be reading their headlines all week.

Uncle Rob

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Sep 10, 2016
Everyone needs to settle down a little about AR. I remember Spurrier pulling Danny Wuerffel from a couple of games early in his career. Perfection is reserved for God.


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Oct 15, 2018
I agree with you, but we are two games in playing with a lot of last coaches peeps with the reason the last coach isn't here anymore is because of the quality of players he was bringing in. I think muLLLLLLLen ball is pretty boring unless you got players like Tebow, Harvin, Leak, Murphy and so on. So Im not too worried yet that we will be muschampin because of CBN instead of balling out once we get talent. Furthermore, had AR played much better the O would have been more exciting. That last paragraph of yours is spot on and it actually supports what I am saying above because it wasn't just defensive guys from the transition class looking good, there is some offensive guys from the transition class also looking good. Not only looking good talent wise but looking good coached wise.

Agree totally with you about the defense and getting pretty excited about what a Toney coached/called D is going to look like once he gets his talent.

On a side note...AR maturing slowly would solve a lot of concern about next year's season and kinda puts a different spin on it.

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