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This has been a hell of a weekend and this message board has not disappointed in keeping up w/ the news!

If you visit other sites their "free" sites are inactive, slow, or have links to "paid" articles. It sucks!

Not Gatorchatter!!

So, let's jerk off our founder: Mr. Ox!! For starting the best "free" Gator message board on the web! It's taken a few years, but this site has arrived!

I've been a "VIP" member (i.e. I paid membership fees) on several other Gator message boards. As most of you know, I try to post up topics here as much as I can to keep the board active - to give us something to talk about during the long off-season. I tend to slow that down during the season, as it's pretty easy to have things to talk about. I visit the other boards for many reasons: articles, see what other boards are talking about, to see if there's any news we've missed, etc.

This board has blown up!! I checked Gatorcountry's "Swamp Gas", which I consider the most "active" message board out there and the Corral topic/commit wasn't even posted until - at least - 30 minutes after this board had posted it. True story!

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