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Good grief! Great win, but my old ticker might not make it through too many more like this! Lot to digest after this one. Streak stays alive. 31 straight and counting. I still have questions concerning coaching decisions, but so far, Mac has come out on top. As much as I've fussed, I have to state he's not the worst in the SEC. There's two I know of that are beneath him! Stoops...24-14 lead in the third and he starts playing not to lose.
Ironically, I mentioned the Choke at Doak and Spurrier's admission that going to a prevent too early prevented them from winning. While UK didn't exactly go into a prevent, they failed to continue bringing an extra rusher to put pressure on LDR. The guy's got a noodle and is not really mobile...the cook book says bring the heat. I could have sworn Shannon was calling both D's in the second half. I could go on, but let's get into some specifics:

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