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After a first half that yielded 13 first downs and 41 plays by the offense,140+ yards in the 2nd, and a defensive effort that kept A&M bottled-up and featured Tavin Bryan's coming out party, the offense failed to produce in its final 3 possessions, allowing the Aggies to to kick 2 FGs and escape with a narrow 19-17 victory. Franks, who had his moments, threw an INT on the first play of the last possession to end any chance of a comeback.

I feel like I've typed "inconsistency" to death this season, but quite frankly (no pun intended), that has been our dominant trait IMHO. Defensively, we played well enough in the 1st half and had Monds under wraps for the most part. Then in the 2nd, Monds was born again and we suddenly were unable to keep his legs from hurting us. We hept them out of the end zone enough, which allowed us a chance, but he kept getting them in scoring position, which they took advantage of with their FG kicker. Special Teams punt cover didn't help matters, yielding a long return. Offensively, we didn't piss a drop when we absolutely had to. OL was not good during this stanza and struggled with pass pro again (Franks was sacked 3 times in the 1st half). Franks couldn't get it done at the end.

So we take a week off to heal before meeting the Dawgs, who struggled early before routing the lowly Tigers of Mizzou. Do we heal enough and put together a plan that includes more consistent play all around? Gonna have to. While the Aggies didn't come in soaring from a victory against USCe and a great effort against Bama as I feared, I just am not certain that they were as good as their previous efforts would indicate or that we were actually better against a thought to be better team. Most likely, we were the lesser of two muddlers tonight. Our BDUs, fatigues, or whatever the new uniforms were didn't help matters. For the record, I hate gimmicks with the uniforms (or with crowd blackouts, orange outs, etc.) unless Timmy is the QB. Anyhow, let's talk some specifics and I'll need your help, as I had to listen to all but the 4th on the radio as we returned home from the mountains:

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