"Bounce Back" was a term usee to describe our 48-10 victory over Colorado State. Bounce, yeah maybe. Back, not yet. The Rams initially might have been thought to pose a worthy next step test based on their win against Arkansas. But the Hogs are looking more like the Armadillos after getting run over by a foe from a lesser conference. So we had the luxury of yet another warm up type game. The good thing I suppose is that we've won a couple we were supposed to win. The bad is that we lost one we thought we were supposed to. At 2-1 with our first conference road game coming up in Knoxville, i think we still have more questions than answers. Let's look at a few as we review:

Q1-QB. Franks is Franks. Down and up, up and down. Will he ever become a leader that can consistently keep his composure, especially in the face of situational pressure? He looked like a new man against lowly Charleston, but has been erratic since. He looks to lack poise when it is needed, making poor decisions, reads and throws. Starting 0 for 6 with an unsportsmanlike like penalty is not poise. Mullen's got his work cut out for him and it remains to be seen if Franks can be salvagable much less a consistent and effective leader. I'm not on the play Trask/Jones bandwagon yet and I'm afraid if we get there it' might be cancel Christmas. Last week I thought this game would tell us more, but UT will probably be that game. They don't look like world beaters (and neither do we), but they are a conference road game and an important test.
I had a member last night that was disappointed that a couple of people were dishing out personal attacks, and I wrote him a PM this morning. However, I thought it was important enough of a topic to share much of what I wrote right here.

I consider myself as providing a valuable community service here, and I'm only half joking when I say that. I think the primary reason for a sports message board to even exist is for therapeutic reasons; i.e. venting / letting it all out. Before message boards, a lot of pissed off, drunk men would take it out on their families, wives, or pets - or they would simply destroy property in fits of rage. In some cases it was so bad the police had to be called. I myself used to punch holes in walls back in the 90's during football games; part of me wonders if I could have avoided that had Gatorchatter been around. Hell, the governor should give me a medal for reducing the crime rate.

Obviously, the past decade has been particularly bad. It's a helpless feeling to see something you loved destroyed by incompetence and you have no power to do anything but watch the destruction. So, when something like what happened last night happened, I try to stand out of people's way and let them vent. Most vent in a controlled manner - some lash out at others. If they get totally out of hand I will send them away for the night to cool off, otherwise I will leave it alone. In most cases, those being attacked are super pissed too and don't hold grudges because they know the other is just letting off steam. Also, keep in mind that I was extremely pissed myself and didn't have the best judgement going on either. It's not like I'm a neutral observer in all this destruction; part of me wishes I was.

At any rate, the rage has subsided and a lot of crime has now been avoided due to Gatorchatter. It's honestly nice to have a place to commiserate with people that have the same interests. I'd rather cry in my coffee with you guys than cry alone. I hope no one did any real harm to anything or anyone last night.

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