Getting this up a little late after seeing it live at BHG. First one I've made in a few years since giving up my season tickets. The fact that it was a nooner worked in my favor and I enjoyed the trip down with c2 Jr. and two of my best friends. I'll have to admit that things didn't look too cheerful in the first half as the Cocks looked very efficient against us offensively on their first two scoring drives. They seemed to convert every third down, which were usually short yardage, and we were missing tackles to help them out. We couldn't cover the TE once again and just like that we were in a big hole to begin the game. Franks was still Franks and the O was sputtering in rhythm with the D. Started to look like the funk we have been under hadn't been washed off. Then lo and behold, we found the switch in the second half and were somehow able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and though it wasn't perfect, we got off the schnide (for the time being at least).

The crowd, which was sparse to start the game, provided some much needed noise as they filtered in and I heard Mullen compliment their energy on the SEC network. Let's be clear, we didn't just upend a top 10 team and we didn't look real good in the first half on the way to stopping our recent streak, but we showed some good things on both sides of the ball that should help as we prepare for Idaho and the Nole$ moving forward. 9-3 and a decent bowl are still out there and that is as good or even better than most expected at the start of the season. Here are some other thoughts and specifics:

*Got to start with Franks. First half he was what has become his usual self. Passes off target for the most part, either behind or beyond the receivers, laid one on the ground (luckily recovered it) while pulling the ball from the back on what was likely an RPO. Short hopped a bubble screen on a third and very long which led to some boos, probably more so for the call, but here was your sign that Mullen bound and determined that Franks wasn't going to F it up for us. Not much rhythm to that point. Passing was better in the second half and we were effective with play action after going under center and gashing the Cocks straight ahead between the tackles on the ground. His scores on the ground were marred by his immature shushing motion to our fans and the alleged mouthing of STFU as he did so. I believe one of our receivers came and interrupted this childish display. Feleipe, if you're listening, you need to understand that you aren't at WHS anymore and not the darling of Gainesville like you were in Crawfordville. You don't like the fans getting on your @ss when you play like crap and don't improve? Then find a way to up your game or accept that the stage is too big and move on. We are passionate and deprived. We want and expect better.

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