It's just the beginning of the 4th quarter and I'm starting this thread! To say that I'm not feeling very confident right now is an understatement (and as I typed this, we let Francois escape the pocket and convert on 3rd and 7)! And just now we let the FB dive and score on what should have been a 1 yard 1st down conversion attempt. As bad as I hate to say this, we are at the stage with F$U, a heated in-state rival who has been kicking our @ss on the field and with the top Florida prospects in recruiting, where we think we can beat them and they know they can beat us. Started with Muschamp in 2013 and continues with Mac, who has yet to score a TD against them in the two games he has faced them (and won't barring a fluke at the end of the game). And like that, there's the fluke! Fumble on the punt return and Marcel scoops and scores (I need to keep *****ing, I guess)! Still, it'd be nice if the O could put one across the line (didn't happen, unfortunately). Well, a TD pass just erased the defensive score. And a few minutes later at 00:00 the scoreboard reads 31-13 F$U. I'm sick of this trend.

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