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    Kids these days will never know.,.

    When electric starters first came out, they also had a push switch on the floor.. Had a '34 international pickup with such an arrangement.. But the starter didn'r work, and couldn't buy one so had to hand crank it. Wasn't legal to drive on the road because of mechanical brakes and vacuum...
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    Kids these days will never know.,.

    These things were state of the art when I went through Navy ET school....
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    Become a Supporting Member! No ads and Political Forum access!

    Well, you just never know when you might want to leave the board...:panic:
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    The Hunting Thread...

    You sure he idetifies as a buck???
  5. Jack o' Diamonds

    Wilcoxson done at UF

    Probably thinks he can get a bigger NIL deal...
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    Tuesday Favorites….Singing Duo

    Have yet to hear anyone better...
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    This shouldn’t even be possible

    Had a package addressed to me in Pensa cola delivered in South Carolina.....
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    Hating on the Gators: Catch-all for Cousin Eddie’s comments this season

    I wonder how much crap cousin eddie takes on the ESPN set for letting all that talent sit on the bench...
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    Random, sometimes funny, gif and post padding thread #4

    My all-time favorite.. Absolutely perfect voice...
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    This shouldn’t even be possible

    Let's hope Law doesn't see this..
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    Billy Napier - UF Head Football Coach

    Hopefully I didn't make any posts in this thread..:confused:
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    Bits & Pieces: Florida vs. Utah

    You can get it at Walmart or anywhere they sell essential oils.. Wife uses it, I got it from Amazon...
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    Anthony Richardson

    That wasn't an act!! That was the real him...
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    Anthony Richardson

    Talks a lot, doesn't say anything...
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    Game Thread ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs Utah***

    Don't remember where, but saw a video from the sideline.. Same view the ref should have had.. Absolutely a good catch.. Arms under the ball ll the way to the ground..
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