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    Recruiting 2022 Post-ESD Recruiting Thread: 4* DE Jack Pyburn commits

    I’m not getting fooled by the low rating. He has offers on the table from both Houston Baptist and the shark fucher. Last QB who could say that turned into a second round draft pick.
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    41-14: 15th Anniversary

    I bought 2 tix online from a dipsh!t buckeye fan selling 2 of his 4, sat next to him. He was screaming obnoxiously after that, was testing my patience for a minute. He left at half time
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    41-14: 15th Anniversary

    Still my avatar, had to post
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    Recruiting 2022 Post-ESD Recruiting Thread: 4* DE Jack Pyburn commits

    Sorry if covered, but anyone know the back story on CBN passing on Jayden Gibson? Scheme fit, injury, something not in the article below? Jayden Gibson situation with Florida shows why NCAA needs recruiting overhaul
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    Tre Mann

    OKC is terrible, but Mann getting some minutes and starting to make more of them. Hope he continues to progress. WATCH: OKC Player Gets Back At LeBron James And The Lakers For Taunting Him
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    2022 State of the Board: A new era for UF

    Mostly just lurk, but my 2 cents… one of my biggest problems with Mullen was the stubbornness and lack of accountability, and BN seems to be wired for accountability. I don’t have the same confidence of pending success like when we hired Meyer, but certainly not resigned to doom and gloom. As...
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    Michael Frazier sighting

    After years bouncing around, he made the Houston rockets roster. Got a few minutes in January, but rockets too deep with guards to expect much barring injury. Still, an undrafted guy grinding his way to the league is a good story. And one of the better shooters to put on a gator jersey makes...
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    Recruiting 2020 Recruiting Thread: Gervon Dexter gets 5th Star on Rivals

    per goldkamp it’s 29 “Used a full allotment for the 2016 cycle. In the 2017 cycle they used a full allotment and a blueshirt that counted one forward to 2018. In the 2018 cycle they signed 19 and added three transfers, plus the one blueshirt (leaving two open in 2018). In the 2019 cycle they...
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    ***OFFICIAL GAME THREAD: UF vs South Carolina***

    Not sure why they will meltdown. They clearly won the TOP battle against a top 10 team, so they know they are making progress. Their coach surely reminds them often.
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    Fall Camp 2019: starting OT Jean Delance on crutches

    Gators dismiss Huggins after allegations, absence
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    Scottie Wilbekin and Alex Tyus

    Insti, Gbm is spot on. Israel is one of the best places on earth if you are a history buff at all. And great variety of scenic spots and hikes for nature fans. Great beaches all over. Fairly English friendly too. I think Masada is worth the drive, you can do that and the Dead Sea in a day trip...
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    Scottie Wilbekin and Alex Tyus

    In Israel on vacation, decided to check out the local basketball scene to break up the normal tourist activities for my kids. Tonight we watched Scottie lead Maccabi Tel Aviv to a fun win in the Israeli premiere league playoffs. He took over the last 5 minutes of the game, led the team in...
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    Feel old? Emmitt Smith turns 50

    He was all smiles doing doing chomps in photos. Seemed like a proud gator.
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    Feel old? Emmitt Smith turns 50

    I’m at a conference this week and Emmitt was a speaker yesterday. Such a great guy filled with stories and great messages for all. I got to shake hands with him, he has a genuine smile for everyone he meets. Considering some of the headlines lately, nice to have a reminder of some of the...
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    Gator Basketball Florida whips Florida Gulf Coast

    Just got back from the game. Lots to like. Thinks that was Nembhard’s worst game, but he’ll be alright longer term. Feel similar to stokes. Waiting for a nasty streak to show up, because I think he has the tools and strength to own the paint if it does. Locke is clearly coming into his own...
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